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Because it’s Oscar weekend, a quick reminder of why I hate the Leonardo DiCaprio meme:


  1. Because while everyone is worrying so much about Leo with his four nominations and no wins, no one’s starting a meme for Amy Adams with her FIVE nominations and no wins.
  2. Because Leo’s four nominations equal a significant fraction of the fourteen times black actors and and actresses have actually WON since the inception of the Academy Awards.
  3. Because it’s insulting as hell to the winners to imply Leo should have won before considering two of those losses were due to black actors taking home Best Actor Oscars. (His first loss was to Tommy Lee Jones in “The Fugitive.” Good luck beating that role.) 
  4. Because when everyone was whining about Leo not getting his fourth nomination for “Django Unchained,” everybody was ignoring the bullshit behind Samuel L. Jackson not getting his second nomination after nineteen years for the same damn movie and an equally great performance.
  5. Because it’s another year of all-white Best Actress nominees, a category which has had literally only ONE black winner in its entire history. 
  6. Because even Kate freakin’ Winslet didn’t win until her fifth nomination.
  7. Because the same damn actors being nominated over and over and OVER again for these awards is a problem, not because they deserve more awards, but because it means smaller movies and unknown actors and better-acted roles can get ignored because, you know, Meryl Streep was in another movie this year. (And I adore Meryl Streep, but … yeah.)
  8. Because it’s like a symbol of what the main problem with the Academy has been for years — that the Academy is a white boys’ club, and the fact that the Internet is so desperately worried that a white man might not win an Oscar that they turned it into a popular fucking meme just encourages the Academy to keep carrying on with their racist, sexist bullshit.

Ugandan President’s Daughter Reveals She is Gay


In a startling revelation, the daughter of Ugandan President Yoweri ­Museveni admitted today during a radio talk show in Mbarara, in Western Uganda that she is homosexual, and that she is revealing this fact as a protest to the anti-gay law her father signed only a few days ago.

Diana Kamuntu, Museveni’s daughter said that though she loves her father unconditionally, she does not agree with Uganda’s anti-gay stance, and will fight against it.

“I am gay, I am homosexual. I have known this since I was a little girl. Also, I have been Christian all of my life, so I will not tolerate any law of this supposedly democratic nation, that will place hate on any person just because of what his or her sexual orientation happens to be,” said Kamuntu.

“Now that I finally revealed my sexual orientation, I put myself in front of this new law and I will let our people decide what to do with me,” Kamuntu adds, as her voice breaks down while on air.

The radio host, James Kasirivu noticeably was in shock, and could not seemingly get words out of his mouth.

The live radio broadcast was abruptly shortened and was put off air after a few hours of repeated commercials.

In the latest setback for homosexuals across Africa, the Ugandan President signed a law Monday that imposes tough penalties for homosexual acts, a move that has been condemned from around the world and that may jeopardize Uganda’s relationship with the United States and other Western nations.

As of this writing, neither the radio station nor the office of Ugandan President Yoweri ­Museveni could be reached for comment.


Teen Mean Wolf


Tom and Chris moments in Thor: The Dark World gag reel → Campy Chris

And Nat Portman looking reeeally, really awkward in the background.

Sophie Turner for Glamour UK March 2014 [X]


Zuhair Murad - Detail

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